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Nutritional Advice

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your pet healthy. Learn what you should be feeding your pet at every stage of its life. Whether we are giving advice for your Dog, Cat, Small Animal, Fish, Bird or any other pet you may have, our main objective is that your pet is healthy and happy. We give our nutritional advice on many pets but the main pet we get asked about is mans best friend. Dogs are very tricky to get their diet right. Throughout the years researchers have gone from wet food to dry food and have now landed on a bit of both but with the main percentage being dry. Researchers have also spent years deciding which is more important, protein or meat content. At Pets R Us our aim is to provide you with a high meat content food that is manageable for yourself as a pet owner and is palatable for your dog. The questions we normally ask when approached about nutritional advice are the following: 

  • What breed is your dog   
  • What age is your dog
  • What has it been feed on 
  • Does it have any medical conditions
  • Has it been eating human food

All these questions are very important in deciding what will suit your pet and yourself the best. These questions give our team so many answers. The reason these questions are so important is because when we are asked about nutrition because of shedding, bad stools, itching etc, 9 out of 10 times it is down to what your dog is currently eating.

Certain foods tend to be low in meat content, omega 3, vitamins, minerals etc and because of this your pet may have problems with there coat, stools and general well being.

Human food, which is anything you would eat yourself (milk, bread, ham etc) is very rich and tends to lead to problems with your dogs health. It also makes it very difficult as a dog owner to get your pet to eat their own food, as they will want what you are having.

If a dog is on a good complete food they do not need anything else.

The key is be strong and stern. As with a child you are in control of their diet, so make sure its a good one. 

If you require any advice please ask in store, email or call any of our team on 074 97 23455

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