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New Product: Simple Solution Washable Dog Training Pads

At Pets R Us, we’ve been getting asked for these for a while now, and we’re delighted to announce that we finally have stock of the Simple Solution Washable Dog Training Pads!

These all around pads are able to serve a variety of purposes, besides just being training pads: you could use them to line the inside of a crate, as a blanket, as a furniture cover, and more! But the primary function of these pads are to help you housetrain your new canine friends, and what better way to achieve this than in a way that cuts down on single-use items and help protect our environment at the same time?

These come in packs of 2, so you can have one in use while washing the other, for peace of mind and convenience.

Available in Medium (30 x 32″) and Large (34 x 36″) sizes.


  • Place on floor,  tissue side up
  • Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing them to smell the special 3-In-1 Attractant and give them a familiar command to encourage use
  • If they doesn’t relieve themselves immediately, take them back several times until they are successful
  • When they relieve themselves on the pad, reward them with a treat or enthusiastic praise
  • Wash and replace as needed

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