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Whether you’re getting a collar, harness, headcollar, muzzle or coat, our friendly team at Pets R Us are here to help.

All fittings no matter how many different styles you go through are all 100% free. It’s not easy getting your dog into a coat or a harness so let us help.

No matter what size your pet is bring him or her in and we will get them fitted for you. If you don’t think your pet can handle this just measure your pet at home and we will try and get the best fit for them.

When you take it home try it on if it doesn’t fit, no problem. Just return with the packaging and your receipt, we will change it for a bigger or smaller size provided it hasn’t been wore or is damaged.

It is very important that your pet has the correct size of accessory. The last thing you want is to be out for a walk and your dog to get out of his or her collar or harness. Likewise if your pooch has little legs you don’t want their new coat dragging along the ground. We provide high quality and strong accessories. Even for those bigger stronger dogs that ends up taking you for a walk.

Muzzles are a great accessory for your bigger dog. When out and about some people may feel uncomfortable taking their large breed or even in some cases small breed dogs to parks where there may be kids playing. For your own piece of mind and for your dogs own protection, check out our muzzles available. The most popular muzzle we carry is the Ancol Mesh Muzzle. It is nice and soft on your dogs face so they are more likely to get used to it and it’s not as intimidating to people passing by.

If you have any other queries on our fittings please contact us on 074 97 23455 or email

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