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Are You Enrolled In Our Loyalty Schemes?

We here at the Pets R Us Superstore have a number of exclusive in-store Rewards Programs, designed to help you save money in the long term, by rewarding regular customers with deals and special offers. We’re going to go through some of these today.

Acana Pet Foods are high in meat content, and free from grain and GMOs, so are ideal for hard-working dogs that require lots of protein in their diets. Acana have an ongoing promotion where with every 7th bag you buy, your 8th bag will be free of charge. All bags must be of the same capacity, but can be a mixture of flavours and blends. Acana is exclusively available in-store, so ask us today about Acana Pet Food.

Gain Kindness is the Grain-Free range of Gain Nutrition’s dog food line, which is perfect for hypoallergenic dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs. With every 7th bag you buy of the same weight, your 8th bag will be free.

Made for healthy pets of every age and size, Hill’s Science Plan have options for dogs and cats with special needs, including weight management, healthy digestion and much more. Hill’s currently have an offer where after every 6th bag of the same size you buy, your 7th bag will be free. These can be spread across different varieties and flavours, as long as the bag size is consistent.

Eukanuba are a high-quality pet food, and currently offer a great deal for regular customers. Starting their loyalty card, they offer €6 off your first 2-3kg bag, or €12 off your first 7.5-12kg bag, and after your 5th bag of the same size, your 6th will be free of charge. This is a repeating offer, so there’s great savings to be had with Eukanuba.

Burns Pet Food is made and developed in Scotland by veterinary surgeon John Burns, and is a great food to feed to hypoallergenic dogs and dogs with sensitive stomachs. For every 5th same-size bag you get of Burns Pet Food, your 6th bag will be free of charge.

We also have our own in-house loyalty scheme for regular customers, so be sure to ask us in-store for further details on how you can save more money by shopping at Pets R Us Superstore.

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