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New GAIN Products, and a Buy One, Get One Free Promotion!

Gain Pet Nutrition are revamping their Elite range of dog food, with a new look, and some new focused products aimed at bringing out the best in your dog.

Previously, Gain’s Elite range had one catch-all product, aimed at all breeds, no matter the size, for senior and overweight dogs, in order to better manage their weight and to aid their joints in their later years.

Now, Gain have split this product off into four individual variants, with Small Dogs Light, Small Dogs Senior, Big Dogs Light, and Big Dogs Senior. Each of these are more focused towards dogs of specific sizes and ages, in order to be able to offer more targeted results in terms of nutrition, healthy growth, and maintenance.

Check the video below from Gain for more details.

To celebrate the re-launch of Gain’s Elite Range, we’re offering a Buy One, Get One Free promotion on all 2kg and 3kg bags of Gain Elite dog food, until Midnight, 7th June, both online, and in-store!

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