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Bring Life To Your Garden This Spring

Make your garden the top destination for wild birds and animals this springtime, with some of our new wild bird and animal feeds, available now!

Start your springtime properly with this Peckish Everyday Garden Bird Table.

The Peckish Everyday Bird Table is perfect for feeding the garden birds. Its easy to assemble classic design makes it an ideal choice for any bird lover.

Place it away from the cover of trees, making it visible to birds as a place to eat and drink safely away from ground-based threats.


These Peckish hanging coconut bird feeders are a great way for traveling birds to replenish their energy on the go.

Filled with millet, maize, oats, tallow, and more, these filled coconut shells provide birds with the nutrients birds need all year round.




Peckish Dried Mealworms are the favourite food of many garden bird species. They are very versatile and you can use them to feed birds from tables, ground feeding trays, as well as in seed feeders on their own or also added to a seed mix. Use these Mealworms to treat the birds in your garden.




Bucktons Wild Bird Energy Balls are a high fat formulation that will attract a variety of wild birds.

Packed in bags of 6 for freshness, and served without netting for easy access, these are a popular treat with many wild bird species.




Gardman Squirrel Food is blended to provide squirrels with essential vitamins and minerals.

Packed with nuts, corn, and a variety of nutritious seeds, this food offers visiting garden squirrels a complementary food source, that provides them with essential nutrients and energy needed to help them thrive throughout the year.